About WaiWeight

Wai Weight Ltd is a locally owned and operated private gym based in beautiful Wairarapa. The Gym is owned and run by Bevan and Rachel Mackenzie.

Wai Weight is a private gym with a restricted membership. Members are invited to join this exclusive gym either by invitation or referral by another member. Wai Weight specializes in being able to provide a private home based gym environment that allows members to workout anytime of the day or night with the best equipment in town and the most motivating atmosphere. It Is the Home of champions, we have 5 world champions, Brett Gibbs - 2 x World Powerlifting Champion, Joel hintz - Sub Junior World Champion, Zane Hopman - Pro Kickboxer and Kickboxing World Champion, Fa'avae Sefo - Wood Sawing World Champion, and Jeremy Goodger - Wool Pressing World Champion plus many National Champions as well.

Wai Weight specializes in Toning, Bodybuilding and strength training but can also cater for the First timer to the experienced gym junkie as we have excellent commercial quality equipment.

Wai Weight prides itself in providing a real down-to-earth family atmosphere without the need for contracts or corporate gym sales tactics, we provide free programs and free advice, and ongoing exercise Technique advice and correction for those who need it, not to mention Family membership deals, people stay here because they want too, not because they have to.

We take pleasure in seeing our members achieve there goals and dreams and love the commitment members give back to us for providing a gym that all can enjoy.

Membership Fee's

When it comes to gym prices, don't be misled. Remember don't compare a cheap contract price to a non contract price. Many gyms have joining fees and once you are locked into a contract, it's expensive and difficult to get out of. Only compare a non contract price to a non contract price and what other help and advice you may get.

Better still call us and ask. At Wai weight it's very transparent. This is why members have been so loyal for so many years.

See below for our pricing


Powerlifting at Wai Weight.
Powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of three events — the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift, during which competitors lift successively heavier weights in three attempts.
The Wai Weight Powerlifting team is currently lead by seasoned Powerlifting and Strongman competitor Danny "Spike" Wilton. The team train Monday to Friday at 6pm in the Powerliftng area of WAI WEIGHT gym.
The team has had success in National and International competition which has been covered in the local newspaper, the Wairarapa Times Age.




As a competitive bodybuilder, I pride myself in being able to motivate others to achieve the health and fitness dreams they have always wanted. I specialise in male and female bodybuilding and bodybuilding competition preparation. I also know's what it's like to be overweight having lost nearly 30kg myself during contest preparation in 2012. I expect 100% from my clients and in return I guarantee you'll get results..

Bevan Mackenzie

Personel Training $60 per 1 hour session or $500 for 10.
Shorter sessions by negotiation

Family deals also available
Email Bevan


October 2012 Nabba Nationals 2012, 2nd masters men over 40
October 2012 NZIFBB nationals, 2nd masters men over 40
September 2012 Wellington Nabba/WFF show, 1st masters men over 40, 2nd overall
September 2012 NZIFBB wellington champs, 2nd masters men over 40 years, 1st open men over 100kg
September 2012 Wellington Nabba show, 1st masters men over 40, 1st overall
September 2010 Wellington Bodybuilding Champs, 1st Open Men Over 100kg
August 2010 North Island Bodybuilding Champs, 1st mixed pairs
August 2010 North Island Bodybuilding Champs, 1st Open men over 100kg
September 2008 North island bodybuilding champs, 2nd Mixed pairs
September 2008 North Island Bodybuilding champs, 2nd Open men over 90kg
September 2007 North Island bodybuilding champs, 1st mixed pairs
September 2007 North Island bodybuilding champs, 1st Open men over 90kg
April 2007 Wellington bodybuilding champs, 1st Novice men over 80kg
August 2006 North Island Bodybuilding Champs, 2nd Novice men over 90kg
October 1992 NZ National Bodybuilding champ,s 4th junior men
April 1992 Wellington Bodybuilding Champs, 1st Junior men
September 1991 South Island Bodybuilding Champs, 4th Junior Mens
September 1991 Wellington Bodybuilding Champs, 2nd Junior men


National Certificate in Exercise science


- Muscle Toning and growth
- Strength training
- Good eating habits and nutrition
- Motivation & encouragement
- Male and Female Bodybuilding Competition preparation


No Joining fee, just first month up front

$60.00 per month per person.14 per week

$95.00 per month for couples.22 per week,

$10.00 casual per visit, referred by member, money paid into honesty box

Family Deals , similar to couples, once one member is joined, it's only $35 per month or $8 a week to add each extra family immediate family member, plus if you pay up front for 5 months you get 6 or 9 months and get 12. Even more savings



6months membership - cash $300 = 1 month free saving $60.

12months membership - cash $540 = 3 months free saving $180.


6 months membership - cash $475= 1 month free saving $95.

12 months membership - cash $855 = 3months free saving $285.

Gym Address

76 Bentley Street

Masterton, 5810

Contact: Bevan Mackenzie

Phone: (06) 370 9339

MOB: 027 254 5848

Opening Hours

Wairarapa's first 24 hour gym.

Monday to sunday

24 hours a day

365 days a year


At Wai Weight we care, we dont just sign you up and forget about you. Do other gyms know every members name, hmmm. Wai Weight Does:)